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  • Turnstile Security - Enhancing Physical Access


    A turnstile , also known as a baffle gate is an access control equipment that is used especially in high traffic flow areas to control the passage of people. Typically, turnstiles allow the passage of one person at a time. It ensures only authorized people access a particular place by inserting a special device featuring magnetic recognition, a bar code or RFID technology.

    Over the last few years, turnstiles have been improved greatly to provide ultimate security. These devices come in a wide range of designs, configuration, operation and control modes. 

    Reasons to use turnstiles

    Turnstiles are ideal in areas that experience high traffic flow like shopping malls, airports, stadiums. They provide easy access with two side accesses. 

    Facilitate paid access

    Turnstiles ensure only authorized people access a particular place by inserting something like a coin or scanning a ticket. This device helps management of these places to collect valuable statistics for better decision making.

    Turnstiles also enable security personnel to confiscate prohibited items. 

    Create a one-way for easy access

    Turnstiles create one-way traffic making it easier to secure a particular location and reduce chances of injury.


    Turnstiles enable management to verify attendance

    These devices provide an accurate count of the people passing through an area. The staff does not have to undergo the manual counting of people or tickets to verify the number of people in attendance.

    Easy access for handicapped individuals

    Disabled people may have difficulty using other access control systems. Turnstiles ensure such people have an easy time accessing a particular location. This helps to reduce admission time and unnecessary embarrassments. 

    They require little space

    Turnstiles are ideal in locations where there are space constraints. Maximum security is obtained using minimum space. 


    Turnstiles have proved to be worthy in areas where people are granted access individually as opposed to groups. The sophisticated styles, security features and configurations have made turnstiles an ideal security system in susceptible environments.