KSA - Jeddah - Palastine St. Mushrefah Dist. Al-Jawal Centre - Office No.8
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Quick Overview

5 Button Automatic Ticket Dispenser  Machine


Location : KSA - Jeddah - Palastine St. Mushrefah Dist. Al-Jawal Centre - Office No.8

Phone : 0541404510

Fax : 0126636617

Email : Sales@dp4tech.com

1.Support to connect with Max. 32pcs manipulator and 8pcs main display.

2.Support customers opinion evaluation.Able to connect with Max. 32pcs opinion controller (Customer Appraising Equipment).

3.Install EmbeddedQReport software in one terminal computer , able to view and print all queue report form.

4.Able to save Max.27378pcs call record one time, total capacity of storing call record is more than 27,378,100,000pcs

5.Each counter are able to afford Max.8 types service item,call priority can set as per ticket-printing time or the set service priority.

6.Support digital tube&dot matrix LED display, dot matrix display can show any country language and picture,the display text can freely be changed and edited according to customer’s need.

7.Ticket paper width is 57mm and ticket length can freely set by users, able to print picture and the text of any country language on ticket, the content can freely be changed according to customer’s need.

8.Voice adopt MP3 player, actual and professional MP3 voice, the voice type can add other country language sound according to customer’s need and request.

9.Support wireless communication, need add the cost of wireless communication(USD45)

10.RZ600TT have 5pcs service button,able to handle and set Max. 5 types service item, users can freely delete or add or edit or change the service item according to their need.

11.Support operator’s ID login.

12.All above parameter can freely be changed and set through EmbeddedQueue Software.

13.Able to save all data when unexpected power broken, queue system can go on work when power resume.

14.Shut down ticket dispenser, will automatically turn off main display, counter display and manipulator.